Sunday, August 3, 2014

Citra Light Touch White Nutri Serum Japanese Wakame

Hellow in August!

There's funny story behind my purchase of Citra Nutri Serum Japanese Wakame.
I've told you before that i prefer to have the lotion gel version rather than this (read my review of Citra Japanese Wakame Lotion Gel here) but here's why i finally bought it.

That is Saturday when i realized that it's nearly empty, so i decided to bought another one that night when i was in Mall Bali Galeria. After a quick glanze into the cashiers, make sure that i wouldn't queue-ing for so long, i went inside Hypermart and quicky to body lotion section. I found this Nutri Serum version but not the lotion gel one so i ask to the Unilever's advisor near there, and here's the conversation :
Me : Mbak (Miss in Indonesian), where's the lotion gel version of japanese wakame?
Adv : It's out of stock. There's only one box came, and it's quickly sold out.
Me : (took the nutri serum, not sure if i want it)
---- a teenager beside me quickly said (not sure if she's talk to me or not, but there's only me and the Advisor near there) : The Nutri Serum is gooood, i like it. Very quick to absorb, and feel so sooooooft~

Well i am speechless, so smiled politely and get going with the Nutri Serum.

This kind of story also happened when i was in Papaya, also in Saturday night.
I was not sure if i want the Takesumi Shokupan (plain bread with bamboo charcoal) so i ask my Father who came with me, "What do you think about this, Dad?" Only he's not so close to me, so i raised my voice up. Before my Dad speak an answer, there's a young mom near me who said "Takesumi Shokupan is delicious. Love it." Just it and she went to her toddler who running inside the store.

Again, dunno what to say. I ended up bought that black bread too.

What's with Saturday night and Me? LOL
Hang in, if you're that teenager or that young mom, thank you. I love both product you girls recommend ^___^

Sooo into the review now...

Citra Light Touch White Nutri Serum Japanese Wakame
IDR 23,000 - 28,000

The tube is made from almost-clear plastic so it gave you extra pleasure of seeing the product insde. I adore it!

Concerning about ingredients?
Well, take a note that it does smell stronger than Lotion Gel version because it use more Fragrance (4th on the list) but has no Dimethicone Crosspolymer.
Also it's contains of Phenoxyethanol, which could raise you allergy.

I new the latest fact when i read Lintang's blog ( Most of body lotion in Supermarket has it.
If you're prone to allergy, make sure to clean your skin before reapplying.
 I have allergic to seafood and egg, and it does help raising my itchiness if i doesn't clean my skin before reapplying the product (not just this, anything with phenoxyethanol).

This one feels thinner than lotion gel, absorb faster and have stronger scent than the lotion gel version. And i think i could see the brightening effect too.

In my opinion, the nutri serum version is better than lotion gel one, IF you could take stronger scent (not offensive though) and if you like the price. Lotion gel is about IDR 12,000/120ml and about 19,000-23,000 per 240ml make it less than IDR 100,-/ml while Nutri Serum cost about IDR 150,-/ml.

However, i think i'd repurchase both of them since they're sooo goooood..

Have you tried it? If you're not, get it fast. Highly recommended.

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