Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cute Korean Cushion!

I'm back with new cuteness report.

As you might know already, Korean has cutest and most attractive make up mass. In the last few months, some Korean brand has collaborated with world famous character for limited edition product. My attention draw the most to cushions.

You might already know and have these cushions yourself, but for those who doesn't and haven't heard about it, cushion is new base product in compact. Most of them are bb cream (and the complex variant), some are blush and others are highlighters. The idea is to use the product easier using cushion puff, no messy finger nor brush needed. With compact, user doesn't need separated mirror either. Convenient.

Back before, yes Etude has collaborated with Minnie mouse too for their Cushion, and yes they're cute too. But it was long before other brands followed their idea.

First one that i noticed was Garfield. It might not drawing very much attention, but still.. Apieu doing a cute job here. Their cushion said to be great, for both oily and dry skin type. No wonder they got great success, and the price is kinda low too.

images from
.. But still, they continue the success with Doraemon edition. Another cat, yes! Doraemon was my first character-love back in my childhood. I think most from my generations are. This future cat is loving and has futuristic product we can't even dream of.

images from
Is it enough? Noooooo.. They made improvement to the cute Doraemon too! The newest is Christmas Doraemon! 

images from

And soon, there's flood of cute cushions in market.. take Missha who has fond to wonderful female character out there. Betty Boop is cute and sexy, but Wonder Woman has my heart.

images taken from
images taken from

While Tony Moly going for cute little boy character : Astro Boy!

images taken from

And Skinfood bring you back to vintage but will always love character : Snoopy and the Gang! Whoaa.. Even the cushion pad is printed too!

images taken from

But don't you think we're lack of new, world worth hype character here?

Don't worry, Peripera has Elsa from Frozen to cushion world too!

images taken from, click to enlarge.

Of course there's still many of them i can't mention here, but you've got the idea. 

With this cute addition, do you convinced to hoard some more?

As for my self, yes, i've got one and maybe two of them *sigh*

More about my new cushion soon!

Hope you enjoy my cuteness report today :)

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  1. Aaaa aku punya yang Minnie Mouse :3

  2. Aku gak pernah cobain beli cushion deh, entah kenapa gak terlalu tertarik karena kesannya cuma praktis aja buat di bawa ke mana2, masalahnya aku kalau ke mana2 males bawa apa2 kecuali credit card XDD


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