Saturday, February 11, 2012

and all of those chocolate smell ..

I know vaseline is a common product, and you'll buy it without reading any review of it, but i just want to do some review about product i use, and vaseline is one of them.

Mostly, i use their body lotion, but i also have their petroleum jelly to take care my chapped finger or heels. I have 4 kind of their body lotion, and i put them in different post to make sure i'm not mixed the picture.

#1 Vaseline Cocoa Glow
it's attract me since they put the advertising on TV, and attract me more when they put it in femaledaily forum, but not put them in store. I have to wait 3-4 weeks before find it in local store.

I'm so in love with cocoa scent they bring. So lovely, while somehow you might smell it like vanilla milk, sweetie and relaxing. You would know if someone use it.

put on my hand
blended softly
final result

It came in quite creamy, semi cocoa color, easy to blend but hard to absorb product. You can't use it as hand cream unless you wait for 5 minutes before touch anything. And dont expecting glow, no glow, just healthy skin finish.
I used to use it everyday before i found out how SPF could help me in day. Now i only use it at night :)

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