Sunday, February 19, 2012

Short Review of Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder [updated]

hi Ladies ..

i've wrote about innisfree's lipstick here, and seems like i've used outsider picture for those purpose, and those pictures are gone. So i'm doing a few changes for this post ;)

Innisfree is a South Korea Brand who use all natural ingredients (as natural as could be i think), and most of their products are free from parabens. Innisfree unlike Etude, mostly known by their Skincare Line. But their Make Up Products are good too! I have Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder and like it :)

The Products : Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

so sorry for a spot at sponge, i made it accidentally

Dont ever expect a big product, because it's so small, smaller than any loose powder i've ever saw. My mistake is, expect for 2 things i don't get when i open my package : size and the appearance. I was waiting for this :
credit to
and a skinfood buckwheat loose powder size. Stupid me. Actually, i like this packaging better, more natural and cute. But sadly, it's discontinued and changed with the new mineral loose powder. Yea, mine.

But thanks God, at least it's not disappointing.
It came with white powder sponge, soft and nothing a like skinfood's sponge. I like this better, feels natural in my face. Product inside is protected with a plastic seal with Innisfree's logo printed on it.

Mint scent they said in front of product is sooo soft. You can't smell it unless you put your nose in front of the product.

Maybe it's no need to put a swatch, since it came with 1 shade only : Transparant. But i've took the picture and feel terrible if i'm not put it here.

put on my hand, nothing under it


Looks like nothing?

This loose powder have a low coverage but equipped with great oil control. I love the way i dont have to blot until 3 hours (2 hours if it's very very hot) and the shade won't makes my skin look too white like my palgantong loose powder did.

you might like it if :
  • you want a travel size loose powder
  • you need loose powder with oil control
  • you avoid parabens
  • you dont like product with a strong scent
  • you want a transparant shade loose powder
  • you're okay with low coverage loose powder
thanks for reading! ^^


  1. where did you buy yours? i found it here but not sure if its reliable -.-

  2. i bought it in Indonesian online store .. but maybe you can get it from,, or eBay (BELLOGIRL), one of my favorite blogger bought her product from ebay :)

    hope that helps :)


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