Monday, February 13, 2012

My Favorite Vegetable on Sunscreen :)

Hallo readers!

Do you like Broccoli?
I love broccoli so much, i like them in my fried rice, fried with flour, in my soup, anywhere! thinking of it makes me hungry ^^;

Some health benefit of broccoli are :

  1. Alzheimer's disease
  2. Diabetes
  3. Calcium deficiencies
  4. Stomach and Colon Cancer
  5. Malignant tumors
  6. Lung cancer
  7. Heart disease
  8. Arthritis
  9. Aging process. 

While in another source, i also found that Broccoli help to reduce redness caused by Ultraviolet (UV). Unlike sunscreen, broccoli absorbs UV radiation, doesn't allow UV to penetrate into our skin, because of chemical substance they have, called sulforaphane. 

So why don't we add some broccoli in our sunscreen?
Skinfood did!

I was lucky for getting Broccoli Sunscreen in my sample gift, so nice!


Since it's a sample size, it came in a small packaging, could be use 2-3 times depend on how much you use it each.


So sorry for lack pictures.
Some say broccoli sunscreen is a waterproof sunscreen. I think so, because it has a different texture, hard to blend and feel so sticky. I will use a very small size of product if i dont know minimum size of sunscreen you have to use to get the maximum number : 1 teaspoon.

Maybe you'll find this product too sticky and seems shiny after use, but wait and you'll see oil control they have. Good oil control, and doesn't break me out. I never break out because of silica in a product. I'm not saying broccoli sunscreen has silica in it, i'm saying i never break out because of silica, so if you allergic with silica, try to find their ingredient list :)

You will love it if :
  • you want waterproof sunscreen
  • doesnt mind sticky product on your face
  • looking for SPF > 30
  • looking for budget friendly sunscreen
  • love korean product
  • have oily skin

Do i want to purchase this?

Maybe later,  i still have to finish my sunscreens!!

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