Saturday, February 11, 2012

Special Things in My Make Up Pouch : Sleek Oh So Special ^^

Hi Sleeks!
There's so many review promote this Oh So Special palette, but sadly, i felt hesitant to buy it since i'm not sure this will be good on me. After i bought MME , i want it more and more, and ordered it. Believe me, seeing it in real world is so much different with any review you might read, the real one seems more beautiful, more tempting and more adoring :D

I think Sleek has changed the box appearance, and i think the old one is better, sorry Sleek! The new one too simple for my taste, but more anxious in other way.

new box - font

new box - back

font cover
back cover

Standard packaging like another Sleek permanent palette. But i just read in Sleek Make Up facebook page that they gonna change it, make them different. I hope my Storm palette will come in new design :D

I like this sleek, standard and easy-to-travel-with packaging, i will carry her wherever i go! ^^,


first appearance
*oh how i ADORE those old waffle pattern! sleek, please bring the old design back...*
(yes the have talc and parabens in the list)
i was so touched seeing this, very beautiful, tempting and adoring (sorry if i've said it before). As another sleek palette, oh so special came with big mirror, double sponge tip, plastic with name for separator and 12 eye shadows with waffer pattern.

i saw my swatch for Sleek MME and feel so bad, and i decided to make better swatch for oh so special, because she is special! Tee-Hee! all swatched without primer :)

the half on left side

the half right side

So beautiful, very pigmented and soft..
there are 7 matte colors (bow, ribbon, pamper, the mail, boxed, wrapped up and noir) and 5 shimmery colors (organza, gateau, gift basket, glitz and celebrate). 

Color Description
  • Bow - creamy white matte which i love to use as base or highlight
  • Organza - shimmery warm pink near to soft brown.
  • Ribbon - matte warm-to-hot pink. 
  • Gift Basket - shimmery golden brown in pan, but more goldeny when applied.
  • Glitz - shimmery or metalic gunmetal color, near to blue.
  • Celebrate - very shimmery wine color with some gold shine
  • Pamper - soft matte peachy pink
  • Gateau - shimmery pink to purple, bit like Nyx Slide On Pencil in Jewel
  • The Mail - matte earth shade
  • Boxed - matte warm deep chocolate color
  • Wrapped Up - matte plum color
  • Noir - matte black color, might use as base for brown color

My Favorite Color
The Mail always attract me, but Bow is as nice as her. I never think i would love a white eye shadow color like this, but Bow is very very great!
Gift Basket is so lovely for day color, apply with the Mail and Bow. Perfecto!
Ribbon is color i usualy made with Sleek MME's Simple Red and Pink Beret. It's warmer, but Pamper is colder. Both good with Bow.

You Might Like it if..
you need sleek packaging palette for easy travelling
you love to use pink or taupe as your daily eye shadow
you want perfect combination between au naturel and storm
you love one stop palette for day and night
you want a budget friendly palette with good quality and many colors

You Might Don't Like it if..
you wont shop online (sleek is only avail in UK but they ship internationally or sell by reseller)
you want bulky palette
you already have au naturel and storm
you refuse to use anything with parabens

Repurchase : YES!
this is too good to be true! i would spend more money or time to find color like oh so special's bow..

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