Sunday, February 5, 2012

banana concealer? are you sure?

have you ever think of banana concealer?
what it would look like?
hmmm ..

i was asking my self :
do i need concealer? - yes, i have some acne scar i want to hide
what kind of concealer do i want? liquid? creamy? stick? - i dont know, try me
what color do you need? - 1 shade lighter than my skintone

Well, i was ordering 2 of skinfood concealer : banana and rice. I prefer rice of course, it's seems easier to use but i can't help my self from ordering banana one. And hell, rice concealer was sold out so i only got this. I'm not say i'm unhappy, but.. I'm not sure i can handle this one.


is it seems like banana?
LoL, but for me it's no!
it doesnt seems nor smell like banana like they said, but yeah, it's cute. You can glide it to make product appear and glide back to make it hide. I like the concept, but it's like another concealer i have long long long time ago (it's like lipstick, has 2 side to help prevent acne and another side to conceal), so it's not a new idea.

I also was not sure that i've chose the right shade for me (it's #21 while i match #23 more) but i gave it a try.

swatch on my hand..


seems like it's good!

Love or Hate :
Me Likey!
it's cute, easy to bring, hide my acne scar in good way .. but not my dry-patches skin. Maybe liquid concealer could help me for that. It doesn't really matter, since i got dry-patches skin rarely :)

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