Friday, October 5, 2012

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss Dandelion & Sugarbomb, review & swatch

Hi Beautiful Ladies ~

I'm such a fan of Benefit. I especially love their blushes, they're all very beautiful with a attractive packaging. So far, my favorites is Coralista as blush and Dandelion as brightening face powder ;)

Since Benefit also have a new range of lip gloss, the ultra plush lip gloss, i can't wait to get one. But sadly, they're so expensive o(╥﹏╥)o
a 15ml lip gloss is sold for $16 which is far away to expensive in my opinion, since the only lip gloss i got before is The Face Shop's Jelly tint (review here), which i bought for about idr 60,000 (about $7). 

Luckily, Benefit uploaded 3 new sets (Feelin Dandy, Sugarlicious and Tropicoral) which contains of an ultra plush lip gloss, hight beam, cheek stain and a blush, all in travel size.
I love benefit dandelion so much (thats my first hit pan product, read post about it here) and i decided to get Feelin Dandy set and Sugarlicious. It made the Lip Gloss more affordable. And now they also have High Flyin' Glosses set which contains all 6 shades for $26. Much more affordable but i'm not sayin it's cheap.

Since i'm so excited with the Lip Gloss, i tried # dallas when i was in Sephora last September, and i love it a lot!
Sadly, i don't think to take picture there, it would be good to show you how nice the color is, a pretty dusty rose which turn brownish with hint of pink on me.

Well, let's see the Ultra Plush Lip Gloss i've talked about :

Both of them are soooo PRETTY.
Dandelion seems so calm but still precious while Sugarbomb seems so delicious XD

both contains of 6.5ml or 0.22 US fl.oz.
It's a lot!
i use # dandelion everyday and it's still seems like new.

here's how travel size of benefit ultra plush lip gloss on my palm, very travel friendly i'd say :)

now into swatch :

Benefit described them as :
dandelion (soft pearly pink)
sugarbomb (shimmering pinky nude)

Dandelion seems a lot like it's description but Sugarbomb doesn't looks like a nude color. But it's only on my hand. Let's see how they works on my lips :

my bare lips, just for reference.
my lips are quite pigmented, that's why i always prefer to use lip gloss rather than lipstick. It's kinda hard to remember that i have to touch up after eating if i wear lipstick. But with lip gloss, my lips are just turn into my own lip color after eating XD

here i'm wearing dandelion.
just add the glossy-ness and softness, nothing else.
It's smell great! i love dandelion's scent, it's like powdery floral scent. This scent stay for a quite long time. However, it's not disturbing me.

and here i'm wearing sugarbomb.
it's more shimmery as the description, not very nude, but more natural than when i swatch it on my hand.
The first thing i dont like about sugarbomb is it's emphasize the discoloration on my lips!
if you see my bare lips, i dont have any weird things on my lips. But sugarbomb made my lips seems weird, i dont know, i dont like it.
Oh well, maybe i'll use lip balm first or put a lipstick before. Maybe it would be better.

Sugarbomb lip gloss smell like bunch of sugar, just like Sugarbomb Blush, but bolder.


The best things about the Ultra Plush Lip gloss is the moisturizing effect!

i noticed the first time i tried Dallas in KL, my lips is quite drying. It's not chapped yet but made me uncomfortable enough. After 2 hours wearing Dallas in KL's hot weather, i felt my lips are getting better, even the lip gloss it self already start to faded. I'm impressed!

i also love how unsticky it is, unlike any others lip gloss i've tried.
i feels like i'm wearing olive oil on my lips, rather than a lip gloss.
*why i'm not wearing olive oil instead? .. silly question XD

benefit ultra plush lip gloss came in 6 shades : dandelion, bella bamba, coralista, sugarbomb, hoola and dallas.
i wondering why they don't have a lip gloss inspired by Hervana? because i'd love to have one, it would smell sooo great 。◕‿◕。

have i tried them?
what do you think about it? ^^

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  1. sugarbombnya cantik, ga se-shimmer yang gw bayangkan..

    1. yah ga se-shimmer itu sih, karena bibir doang .. kalo total look, gw tetep prefer dandelion deh *cinta mati :D*


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