Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Baked, Mildew, Asphyxia, Ransom and Whiskey

Happy Haloweeen!

But no, there's no make up tutorial (i am not an expert), just another product review as usual ^^

As we know, Urban Decay's most popular product is their eye make up line, the palette (especially naked and book of shadow), eye primer (Urban decay primer potion aka UDPP), and of course, eye liner! the glideeee on!

I was so in love with Whiskey, which discontinued already (i got mine from Roller Girl set, review here)  so i decided to give these 4 a try. They're a part of UD 15 year anniversary 24/7 glide on pencil set from last year's collection, as you can see at the middle of product.

ransom, mildew, baked and asphyxia has glossy end while whiskey has matte end.

the most rarely used glide on is mildew.
Strange, because i bought all four because of there's mildew inside.. it's just not as pretty as i thought it would be on me (╥﹏╥)/
 now into swatches..

baked described as "golden bronze" (beautezine), i love to use it as under-eye liner, eyeliner and as a base for another gold eye shadow. It makes shadow's color stronger and harder to fade. This one probably my favorite one.

baked supposed to be in permanent range but i can't find it in UD's website anymore. Maybe they've discontinued it? ≧△≦

mildew (permanent) described as "deep green" (UD), for me, it's a very deep green.
i wasn't expect it would be like this.. i think it would be more like mildew eye shadow color, a lil bit lighter and softer.
wearing it as eye liner makes me looks like a witch ≧△≦
i have to sharpen it very well, so it would line thin-ly on my eye.

asphyxia is the hard one to type, described as "fuschia with violet shimmer". As long as i know, it's not in permanent range.
When i saw asphyxia's swatch everywhere, i dont think i'd like it. But once i have it, i love it!
It's maybe not very great as eye liner, but as eye shadow base, or use it alone on lid, it's very great.
Once i used it in very hot weather, on busy day, and it stay for about 8 hours without faded. Almost all of my make up is gone, but Asphyxia stay on it's place. Score!

ransom (permanent) described as "violet with hot pink reflect" (beautezine) and "bright iridescent purple" (ud's website). For me, they're both right on it's own way ;)

ransom is my 2nd least favorite. It's pretty i know, but blue-family rarely be my favorite eye make up.

whiskey is another discontinued shade from urban decay. Temptalia described it as "medium-dark brown with warm, orange undertones and a faint sheen". It's my favorite eye liner make up, rarely fade and just good as complement for my naked 2 eye shadow, any of them :)

i swatch them together too ~
aren't they beautiful? 。◕‿◕。

another swatch with different lightning ^^

pro's :
travel friendly (remember that i just bring 4 of them when travelling?)
long lasting
a lil bit smudging, so there's no too-fake liner
lot's of shades available
no scent
there's no crazy glitter
as long as i see, there's no mineral oil in ingredient list (UD web)
doesn't irritating
good pigmentation

con's :
pricey if you buy it out of set
faded more easily when use as under-eye liner

I know many blogger said nyx slide on is better than Ud's glide on. But i used to have nyx slide on # pink jewel, and it's wont smudge even a lil bit, makes it seems too fake on me. I gave it to my sister, as her emergency make up. I love UD glide on more ^^

have you got Ud glide on 24/7 eye pencil?
what do you think about it?

thanks for reading and follow me if you like ^^


  1. love baked so much! mildew seems to be a pretty color, but when swatched I totally agree with you, it turns into something far from the expectation! :(

    a new follower here! keep up the cuteness of the blog, love it~

    (anyway I answered your question about Max Factor foundation, check it out! XD)

    1. baked is soo pretty ♥

      followed you back, and i've revisit your blog to see your answer ^^

  2. the baked color is just too pretty! I think i need to get it one later :3

  3. I have ransom and whiskey~
    the colors are pretty ^^

    1. i think i saw your FOTD wearing ransom, you wear it better than me haha ..

  4. the colors are so pretty :)

    Mind to follow me back?


  5. i own over 20 of these :) i really love them all..


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