Sunday, October 21, 2012

What are you feelin'? I'm feelin dandy ~

As we know, Benefit Cosmetics always has cute cosmetic set to collect. I'm their big fans! Especially for Dandelions .. i even hit my dandelion's pan, and dandelion ultra plush gloss is my favorite! Now i'm going to review The Feelin Dandy kit. This one is part of Sephora exclusive, but i got it from's flash sale.

Feelin dandy kit come together with Go Tropicoral and Sugarlicious. I have Sugarlicious too (review coming soon) but will wait to get Go Tropicoral .. >.<"

the box show you what inside.
In the top right corner, there's the sign of "benefit for sephora" really, it's funny since i got it from their own website XD

the first time i got it, i was surprised about the size, i think it would be bigger, but well, at least it's more travel friendly. It's 12 x 9 x 3 cm thought. A lil bit too big for travelling, but acceptable.

picture behind the box show you what's inside the kit : posie tint, high beam, dandelion powder and ultra plush gloss in dandelion, including the swatch.

benefit provided 2 tips and trick card, one outside the kit and one inside.
The one inside is colored, while the outside one isn't. The one outside is unnecessary since you can't lost the one inside except you cut it.

i love feelin dandy's design, especially the flyin dandelion, very pretty.

picture behind the kit is also explain about each product's size.

the feelin dandy kit
(tips and trick closed)

inside the box :
4.0 ml / 0.13 US fl. oz of posie tint
4.0 ml / 0.13 US fl. oz of high beam
3.0 g / 0.1 oz of dandelion brightening face powder
a mini flat brush
6.5 ml / 0.22 US fl. oz of ultra plush lip gloss in dandelion

the feelin dandy kit
(tips and trick opened, there's a mirror inside)

you can cut the tips and trick card so you can get better access to the mirror. And as another benefit kit, you can take the divider out and use the box for different items, depotting maybe? :D

feelin dandy's design is a lil bit different with dandelion box-o-powder, but both are very pretty.

there's my dandelion family 
this picture taken before i hit dandelion's pan (posted here), so here it's still good looking.

now into swatch :

 ultra plush lip gloss in dandelion is a soft pearly pink which is very pretty for me, read my review about it here.
dandelion brightening powder is soft pink with micro golden shimmer, it's more sheen on me, but sometimes it's looks like highlighter. Read my full review about it here
posie tint is a poppy tint for lip and cheek. It's not very thick nor runny, just easy to blend on cheek and easily spread on lips. Scroll to see posie tint better.

Posie Tint is quite sheer on me once it's blended, but it's a good compliment for dandelion brightening powder and Sugarbomb box o powder. I found it's drying my lips but not on my cheek.

High Beam is "supermodel in a bottle", it's helps you to get the supermodel look ヾ(☆▽☆)
very pretty to use after foundation or mixed with foundation. It's doesn't have yellow nor pink undertone, it's more like champagne for me.

Overall, this kit do it's job, i definately will repurchasing if it's still available. I believe i saw it's a limited edition product somewhere, but i'm not sure.

i wouldn't writing too much because i plan to review posie tint and high beam alone, keep reading and follow me if you enjoy my review ^^

have you try any of them? what do you think? any favorites maybe?


  1. Haiii sis beli dimana?dan kena brp sis harganya....
    Whoaaa suka banget liatnya

    1. di say .. beli sharing-an ama temen biar ongkirnya murce .. hehehe ..

      cakeeep emangggg <3

      thanks for visiting yaaa ^^

  2. posie tint di mukamu keluar kah warnanya? posie tint di gw ga pop out...untung cobain versi mininya.. :D

    1. keluar tapi tipiiis .. ga cocok dipake "sendirian", mesti ama blush laen .. hehe ..

      posie tint mending loh, warnanya fresh .. benetint malah bikin kucel >.<"
      ga ngerti kenapa benetint jadi best seller *sweat*

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  4. Great post, I recently bought this for my friend's birthday so hopefully they like it! Fingers crossed XD


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