Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hit Pan #1 : Benefit Dandelion (~°◊°)~(°◊°)~(°◊°~)

The new month, October, bring me a surprise. I never ever hit pan on any make up product since -i dont know, just maybe- junior high school. I've thrown most of my face powder after 12-18 months, never finish them. I got afraid if it's already expired or what so i throw the one i have, and buy a new one.

This morning I decided to use my benefit Dandelion instead of High Beam because i haven't use it for about a week, and i'm kinda miss it. I put my morning make up as usual, and when i take my brush out of Dandelion's box, i realize that there's something wrong with it. I haven't see any hole inside, and now it's a big hole .. Yes, it's dandelion's pan!

it said : Hi, nice to meet you, i'm Dandelion's pan! ^^

the outsider is ugly already, i know.

errr, i dont know why i took this picture .. i just want to do it -_____-"

i know it's kinda cheat since i bought my first Dandelion from someone else. So it's not a new item. But well, i've used it since July (click here for my review), so it's 3 months already and i used it religiously in july & august, but rarely used it in September.
It's slightly concaved when i got it, but i think it doesn't really near pan like it does. Oh well, at least it bring me a very first hit pan moment! ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

.. how was my very first hit pan moment? 

i am really happy about it, but there's a lil feeling of sadness. Between "yeah it's hit pan already!" and "ooow, it's hit pan already" .. it's just me or anyone else feel the same?


  1. I never hit pan either, so I'm sure I'll be over-excited if I have one.. hahaha

    1. XD

      sama terlalu nya kita .. hahaha ..

      iya nih norak abis gara2 baru pertama kali hit pan ;p

  2. wow you hit panned!! that's not very common to me. hahahaha :))
    btw, i'm having my 2,500 followers giveaway :)
    I hope you can join too :D here's the link:


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