Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream, review & swatch

Hi Belle ~

I can't believe, i haven't write any single post about BB Cream yet (errr so many things i haven't review yet) since bb cream is my daily basic. This one is my second bb cream, the first one is from Missha. It's too old already and i've thrown it away for long time.

Now, bb cream is so popular, there's many brand have "bb cream" on their product list. But about 3 years ago, when i start using bb cream, (as far as i know) there's only Korean Brand who has it. I am not happy with my Missha BB Cream (i dont remember the varian name), lack of oil control, white cast and cakey. So when i decided to get another one, i do check many many reviews. This one got the rave, and i think it deserve.

Skinfood is one of popular Korean Brand. As long as i know, Skinfood is the 2nd korean brand who open their store in Indonesia. But i haven't get any product from their counter, i stuck on online shop who offer cheaper price.

All of Skinfood's product has one key ingredient which come from mother-earth. Sadly, i can't check the ingredients since it's written in Korean ≧△≦

This one is using Aloe as key ingredient. I don't remember where i read this information, but i read that Aloe has a natural sun protection while it's also good to heal sunburn. So here i'm understand why Skinfood named their product as "Aloe Sun BB Cream". But i don't think SPF 20 enough for my daily basis. However, it's better to use sunscreen and bb cream/foundation/tinted moisturizer separately to get better sun protection.

Aloe Sun BB Cream contains 50g of product, which a lot since a drop goes long way. I bought it last year (september 2011) and i think there's still about 30% product here .. 

mine is in #2
Skinfood, mostly,  only has 2 shade for their bb cream and concealer. I can use both of them since my skintone is neutral to warm.
i don't remember which one has yellow/pink undertone, but i think mine has slight pink undertone.

that's the only information i could understand T_____T"

Unlike foundation, BB Cream also fitured with one or more advantage(s) to make it more sttractive; Whitening/brightening, anti-aging, acne care, healing, hydrating, and so on. This one fitured with UV protector and blemish corrector. I think blemish corrector can be identify as "good coverage" to cover blemishes, not on healing side. 

heavily swatched.

it has a slight nice scent, i wouldn' associate as Aloe's scent. But it's doesn't bothering me even if somehow this scent stay a lil bit longer.

low blended ~
(it's still seems too white for my skintone)

completely blended!
yay! the color has change and match my skintone better (☆▽☆)

BB cream's shade mostly changed after a while (oxydized?) so it can match many skintone better. But i think there's some skintone who can't match with korean bb cream. 

it's a spot on my arm, i use it to show you about bb cream's coverage.

here i applied a tiny dot of skinfood aloe, so messy.

and then i blend-blend-blend it, until it looks like this.

In my opinion, Skinfood Aloe bb cream has medium to full coverage, it's buildable through it would be cakey if used heavily. In oil control side, it's nice, not best one for my very oily skin in hot days but will be better in cold weather or for night use.

I like this bb cream for the price, size, coverage and the way it match my skintone, but sadly it makes me breakout if i wear it more than 5 hours or so. Skinfood's Good Afternoon bb cream series is doing the same. Whats wrong with Skinfood's?

The UV protector is not good enough, as i said, it's better to use sunscreen and bb cream separately to get better sun protection (i know, i repeating the same sentence but i feel like i have to write it again to makes my reason more clear)

Another bad things, it's makes all of my blush on oxydized. I've tried it with Tarte, Benefit, Sleek, Etude and Nyx. No single one survive. Oh well.

I wouldn't repurchase it since i do have too many bb cream and foundation, and my wishlist is still going longer and longer.

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  1. Thank you for the review. I like my Missha Perfect Cover #13, but I also want to try other brands of BB Cream. I think Skin Food will be a good choice to try.

    1. i only have 1 missha's bbc and i dont like it at all. I've thrown that one before i start blogging and i forgot it's name -___-"

      skinfood has some good one to try, and i know lots of girls start from skinfood. or etude :)

  2. ah, Thank you for reviewing ^^,
    I got this bb cream, but haven't use it yet, hope it will be suit with me ^^

    1. try it dear, i'd waiting for your review ^^

  3. I currently have this product and the oil on my face just seeps right through the cream. Since I live in Seoul, do you have any bb cream rec's for oily skin (especially for the summer days?). My skin is fairly tan.

    1. Wow, you live in Seoul!
      i visited seoul last april, that's amazing thought not everyone able to speak in english ..

      as long as i know, only etude that have bb cream for darker skintone but i dont really know which one suit oily skin better..

  4. I bought it 2 items but I dont know when will I finish using even 1 bottle of that bb I decided wanna let go another one with cheapest price to anybody that want it..still wrap in plastic! wassap me 0194544309 :)


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