Friday, November 16, 2012

My Current Obsession..

this is not a review post, i am just trying to control my addiction (jump from an online store to another, trying to find perfume miniatures), so i made a picture using polyvore .. not very good, just for my own pleasure .. *LoL

here's my wishlist :
juicy couture - viva la juicy
vera wang - princess
chloe - eau de perfume
marc jacobs - daisy eau so fresh
katy perry - meow
dior - miss dior cherie 

i think beside of having a great scent, a perfume should have a great designed bottle too .. *at least for me haha ..*

what's on your perfume wishlist? :)


  1. I love the Aquolina Pink Sugar because it smells so good~ But I wish it had a cute bottle like those, lol!

    1. i'd like to try aquolina pink sugar too!! omg i saw a review said it smell like mixed fruit ice .. wondering how it smell like .. =}

  2. wah some of your current obsession tadi ada vial nya di bazaar mimo... aku juga ngincer daisy marc jacob, tapi ga dapet... huhuhuhu :'( anyway, ngomong2 parfum, it's not obsession, tapi gue agak kangen sama Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker... my old perfume and kinda miss it now.. *consider-to-repurchase* :))

    1. iya some of them ada .. haha ..

      kalo miniature daisy marc jacobs (err mahalan dari vials sih tapi botolnya lucu) kayaknya ada di (trusted).

      SJP lovely belum nyoba nih .. lagi nunggu SJP covet miniature X))

      oiaa di bazaar mimo ak dapet miniature viva la juicy .. lumayaaaaan ..


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