Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Innisfree Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser

hi Ladies!

It's been a while since i posted another review.. oh well, i've spent my time to browse more about perfume. Yes, perfume. They're simply drive me crazy, my other addiction. 

But here i am again, back to beauty items, perfume-y things can wait :)

If you're a fans of innisfree's product, then i think you've know this, or it's series. Apple juicy is so tempting series since it's light, have a nice scent and works so well. I have Apple Juicy Make up remover, Liquid foaming cleanser and cleansing oil. The last one still in my shelf, waiting my kose softymo cleansing oil to be end.

Let's start with this one, though!

Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser (LFC) came in 2 size, full size (300ml) and refill size (100ml) - cmiiw.
Mine is in 300ml size, it's cheaper and has pump. But there's no plastic security here, the protection is in crank form. More safe, but not my favorite way.

"penetrates deep into pores, cleanses skin thoroughly"

Apple is an excellent natural facial cleanser. The natural acid of the apple helps to remove excess oil from the skin and prevents acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Apple cleanser gets an instant shine and glow to the face.

as another innisfree product, it's free from parabens.

it's has fragrance, but at least it's the lowest ingredients in list.

As it's name, it's seems like another liquid in the bottle. Not thick, not watery.

It's pump works so well, dispense good amount of product. One pump is enough for washing entire face.

if you know Clean and Clear Cleansing foam, it's exactly feels like that. But without parabens (C&C has LOTS of parabens in it's ingredient list). LFC produced lots of foam thought, so it might contains of detergent, but for me, it doesnt causing any breakout or another problem.

I also loveLFC's scent, like fresh green apple. That's why i love to use it in the morning, gentle and effectively wake me up with it's scent ^o^

 So far, it's my favorite gentle facial wash. Will definately repurchase once i emptied this one .. yes, that's how i LOVEEE it!

have you tried this one? what do you think?
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