Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge, a Review

Okaaay .. Here it is .. The famous brush cleaner : Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge (DDPS) !!

For me, beside of the effectiveness to clean my foundation brush (although the name is for puff and sponge, it can be use for brush too!), i adore it for the cheapie price. I bought it for RM 5 or idr 15,500 (assume 1 RM = 3,100 idr) and it contains of 80ml or approx. 2.8 oz.

DDPS come in handy bottle size. The instruction, description and ingredients written in English and Japanese.

now let me show you how DDPS do the job ..

Today's victim is Sigma F60 (foundation) from Mrs Bunny kit.
As you can see, it's used and covered with foundation's stain.

1. pour 2-3 drops of DDPS into a plastic bowl.
2-4. tap your brush into pure DDPS' solution, til all the part covered.
5. add some amount of water, make sure the solution won't reach brush' metal part (where the glue might stay), soak for 10-20 seconds then swirl your brush til all the stain removed. Sometimes you can add some help by your own finger, just make sure your finger(s) is clean.
6. brush seems cleaned already, and solution turn beige.

My F 60 is Clean!!!
*plok plok plok*

DDPS makes it sooo simple to do! With etude brush cleaner, i only have 2 choices : fight with stain or use 6-7 drops directly to my brush to make it clean. And Etude's is not cheap at all (oh but it work nice for powder brush, and natural-hair brush).

Now while i'm waiting it to dry, i put F60 in that position. So no water would reach the metal part. It will dry in safe way ..

PROs :
effective & efficient
doesn't drying my brush
doesn't causing break out

CONs :
hard to find in Indonesia *sigh*
not recommended for natural-hair brush

the next time i find it, i'd stock some bottle for my future use! i promise!!

ps. now i'm selling some beauty stuff in my new blog :, kindly visit and contact me if you're in indonesian region and want to buy something, hehehehe ..


  1. Aku juga pakai ini~ Udah sekitaran sebulanan lah ya~ Suka banget~ And btw, aku dapetnya yang udah kemasan baru warna pink. Susah banget buat didapetin, harus ke 7 Daiso di Jepang baru dapet, dan itupun cm dapet 2 biji hahahaa~

    Kapan2 main ya ke blog aku~ Lagi ngebahas ini produk hehehe~ <333

    1. Haha aku beruntung dong yah, di diisi kedua yang aku visit udah nemu ddps ini :)
      Waktu aku ambil emang cuma ada 1 tapi pas aku balik udah diisi segrubuk lagi sama mba nya hahahaha

      Bagus yaa.. Tapi kenapa oh kenapa masih belum gampang di dapat di Indonesia ya? Kalo ada juga udah diatas 40,000 -_____-"

    2. Untuk harga cuman di bawah 15 ribu sih, ini daiso bisa menjadi legenda XDDD Dan yah memang kalau di Indonesia jualnya di atas 40ribu, di olshop langganan aku malah 69 ribu XD Yang di bawah itu gak pernah ada stock, atau yah mungkin aku gak hoki sama ini barang jadi pas olshop ada pun aku gak pernah kebagian hahaha


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