Sunday, July 28, 2013

I See The Pans..

Hitting pan is another experience of make up usage, right?

I mean.. all of us got another adrenaline rush when taking product, and surprisingly see that it somehow nearly reach it's end.

The compact one, Laura Mercier Compact Tinted Moisturizer, is in sample size. I was so sure i could finish this baby, but hitting it's pan is really something. I'm about to decide if i'd purchase the full size one, or buying the one in tube. I kinda like this one through i haven't write about it.

The one in pan, Benefit Hello Flawless custom cover up is basically a powder foundation. but as you can read in my review, i used it as a pressed powder.
Several days ago, i decided to use it as it's own function. I wet a sponge then use it with the custom cover up as powder foundation. I damp damp damp and almost screaming that i hit the pan! OW!

I know i'm still able to use both of them but ..
I think it would like my old benefit dandelion. After reaching it's pan, i lost my mood to use it again. Crazy eh?

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