Sunday, July 14, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow #70 Barely Branded, Review & Swatch

I guess i'm being out of hype, talking about Maybeliine's Color Tattoo today. However, this is a permanent shade and haven't arrived yet in Indonesian Maybelline Counter (dunno it would be here or not) so i think it's okay ^_____^

what maybelline say about it :


Dare to shine 24/7.
  • Ink technology creates 24HR wear shadow for our most intense, long-lasting color saturation.
  • Cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps color vibrant.


Using fingertips, sweep all over eye from inner corner and work outwards. For added drama, darken as desired.

Barely Branded (#70) is a warm beige with metallic finish. Being in a natural, beige range, barely branded is easy to love, but in another view, it's pretty standard. You might have one in the same shade in powder form.

I rarely use BB alone, though i think it's simply can brighten your eyes when it's use lightly on your eyes. When it used with powder eye shadow, BB makes the eye shadow apply more vibrant, less creasing and last a lil bit longer. For the last purpose, eye primer will always work better.

*ugh* i'm so sorry for the double blog name in the pic, i think i mistaken it at second editing T___T

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow's bottom part is made from clear but heavy and thick plastic jar. You can definately see how the product inside looks like.

Here's the top part, made from thick black plastic. It doesn't have box, like the most drugstore product nowadays, only sealed with clear plastic.

It contains of 4g of product which is generous.

The jar is pretty small, but takes place in my make up bag. I wouldn't carry it in my daily basis.

There it swatch-ed using my ring finger, under the sun light.

And there i show you how maybelline barely branded makes the eye shadow color appear more vibrant. It's even almost solid in my opinion.

This is one of my very first cream eye shadow, and i'm kinda like it.
I also have another shade in my drawer and i like it too!

Have you tried cream eye shadow?

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