Friday, July 26, 2013

Benefit Sugarlicious (Highbeam, Benetint, Sugarbomb Blush and Lipgloss)

I've been reviewed Benefit Feelin Dandy kit before, and now i'm going to review benefit Sugarlicious kit. If feelin dandy is about making a radiant pretty look, sugarlicious is about making a fresh, natural looking glow. Among the three (feeling dandy/dandelion kit, sugarlicious/sugarbomb kit and tropicoral/coralista kit), tropicoral is the most pigmented one while dandelion and sugarbomb would only appear in fair or medium fair skintone. I have coralista in my powderrazi palette, so i don't purchase tropicoral kit.

there it is.. the sugarlicious ^o^
It isn't the best one to be in your make up pouch (too big, too bulky) but it's a nice add for your make up vanity. I personally love how sugarlicious, feeling dandy and how to look best in everything kit being together on my table 

The behing part contains information about anything inside.
High beam and benetint contains is in 4ml size, sugarbomb in 3g and ultra plush lip gloss in 6.5ml size.
Benefit has a lot of kit contains of deluxe sample size product, so be careful not to purchase the things you don't like twice (or thrice, or more).

Inside sugarlicious kit is basically the same with feelin dandy and tropicoral kit : a huge mirror, removable tray, product, and mini rough brush (i think it's natural haired brush, means it can pick up pigment better than the synthetic one).

Benetint and High Beam both are in glass bottle with nail polish like brush, like the full size product.

They're so small. Also for the mini brush, definately need more time and patient to work my face.

okay, going to swatch ☆ミ

from left to right : benetint, high beam, sugarbomb blush, sugarbomb ultra plush lip gloss heavily swatch and blended.

Sugarbomb blush is really sheer, in my opinion. I have to pick it with Hervana's brush everytime i need it.
Since i have a medium fair skintone (maybelline dream matte powder sandrevlon colorstay in sandsleek foundation also in sandbenefit oxygen wow foundation in champagne), it's never really show up on my skin. It's more like a flush, fresh, sugary look. But since it's not going to highlighter category because it doesn't have enough shimmer for it.

As for lip gloss, i have reviewed it together with benefit dandelion ultra plush lip gloss.
Here's how ultra plush lip gloss in sugarbomb shown on my lips :

It's not as shimmery as revlon lip butter in peach parfait, but this shimmer sometimes disturbing me. The formula is still my faves thought.

Next to benetint and highbeam's swatch :

  heavily swatched

blended swatch

High Beam is called as "supermodel in a bottle", and it does being a gooood liquid highlighter. I usually mix it with my foundation to add more glow. The trick is mixed them well on back of your hand, then dot some amount on cheeks, chin, forehead and neck. Blend it well ~( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Benetint is being favorite of many woman around the world. Oh well, not me. I mean, i like it but it's would never be my favorite.
On my cheeks, it's really sheer.. And i hate blend it with finger (leaving my finger somehow red-ish). Sometimes, i'm very yellow toned.. maybe it's the reason why benetint is too sheer for me?
If you want to try benetint on cheeks, dont forget to blend blend blend blend right after you put it on, and make sure you do it in a jump! o(`ω´*)

As for lip tint, it's drying without lip balm, and doesn't hold a full course meal. It gives a pretty color though.

And i believe i've read somewhere that benetint contains of Quarternium-15, which is a preservative that could turn into formadelhyde. So i stopped wearing benetint on my lips.

And as benetint is soo runny, like red rose water in a nail polish packaging, it somehow uneasy to apply. Once it's dry, there's no more chance to blend. But on lips, it tooks so long to dry.. haha .. i wish benetint would come in better packaging, better texture, and no carcinogen ingredients, because for the price, it's quite a shame.

do you like sugarlicious kit?

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