Monday, September 10, 2012

fated to be mine : benefit powderrazi (:

i know powderrazi is sooo 2010, but i'm a new make up junkie and i wanna try any benefit blushes as low as possible *LoL .. i posted in Female daily's benefit thread and someone offered a brand new powderrazi from 2010! she bought it but unused it (she said she doesn't have heart to use it), so it's a new items! it's like it's fated to be mine *tee-hee*

oh well, i also know, make up has their own expiration, but my craziness  love makes me forget every logic and still, as long as it works, i would use it! *dont try it with cream product or liquid or skincare. i believe powder form has longer expiration than liquid one*

i have some benefit new blushes (hervana & bella bamba, i bought 2nd hand dandelion so it's not the new one) and i think i would know if powderrazi i got is a fake, or if it's already in bad condition. So yes, i took that chance.

it's soo .. tempting ..
i really happy i took it :D

As another old benefit packaging, top and bottom part are divided. It's also didn't came with mirror.

behind of box
when i peel the sticker, it's wont be back again (maybe because it's too old?) but as long as i see, it's still seems like another benefit products i have.

and it's explanation behind the box
i can't check it from another beauty blogger .. if someone know if there's something wrong, please let me know :)

powderrazi contains of dallas, coralista, hoola and a very tiny brush i wouldn't use. I dont like brush that provided by benefit, it's hurting my face anytime i use it :(

there's heavy swatch of them 

Dallas is dusty rosy pink which somehow frosty finish on me (maybe it's reaction with my sunscreen of foundation or what). It's a very beautiful color if it doesn't looks like my own scar red :(
Hoola is matte medium brown, it doesn't muddy on me. I love to use it as contouring powder.
Coralista turn into a warm pink color to me. I dont know how, but it's still like coralista blush i've tried in Sephora Kuala Lumpur, so maybe it's because my skintone or what.

 They're all powdery. But my Hervana and Bella Bamba are also powderry. Maybe it's because my way on swipe my brush or what, dunno.

and here's blended swatch of them

why i love benefit blushes so much?
they're all have a very cute packaging *my weakness*
highly raved *makes me anxious*
they have many beautiful colour (many people LOVES hervana, coralista, hoola, dandelion and dallas!)
they're smells good! makes me happy while swiping it around my cheeks!
when you get them in set, they're not in very expensive side
doesn't break me out
creamy texture (you can feel it if you touch it with fingers)
i only found dallas that didn't match me very well
easy to blend

what i dont like about them?
low staying power (only 4-5 hours on me)
bad brushes
on expensive side when it's outside set
not travel friendly
their packaging are not waterproof

have you get any benefit blush? what do you think about it?


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