Thursday, September 13, 2012

my today's make up pouch

Weird, he?

i love to carry my make up around, in safe way of course, because i think it will gives me more spirit when i face a problem. Especially if i carry them in a transparant pouch (like this one), i only need to open my bag and see how beautiful they're and feel okay again :)

i also love to bring different product everyday, because choosing product i'd like to carry around gives me special feeling (:

here's my today's make up pouch :

lots of pink product!

take a look inside, oh my ~ ~ ~

pouch : from benefit pretty commitee set
insider :
benefit bella bamba
benefit powderazzi
nyx soft matte lip cream # candyland
benefit posie tint
benefit ultra plush gloss # dandelion & # sugarbomb
sari ayu lip color # alun serunai 02
too faced summer time sexy eye shadow palette
share in jar rimmel foundation
coastal scent's black & hot pink angled kabuki brush
sigma E 25 brush


well .. it's 4 blush, 1 lip/cheek tint, 4 lip product, angled kabuki brush and a eye liner brush
i know, too much.
and i dont even bring eye shadow brushes, only an eye liner brush without eye liner gel


oh well, as i said, it's just my mood boost, i dont really use all of them to touch up..

thanks for reading weird my post,

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