Tuesday, September 11, 2012

errr .. yes, another haul of mine ..

I thought this is my craziest haul, i never been so obssesed like this ( ≧Д≦)

first, i got some beauty product while i was in Kuala Lumpur. It was okay since most of them are expensive in indonesia.

then my pre-order items from market plaza are coming, some benefit cosmetics and and brushes. I was ordered it on august while many of them are on sale, so it's accepted.

in this point i was decided for not getting any other item until november (i ordered some items that will come in november) but when i read Lovely Lue's post about Sariayu's product, i was obsessed like crazy and i bought some Sariayu's products this evening 

Sariayu is indonesian local brand, it's not on expensive side.. Their 3 shadows palette cost me idr 42,000 (about usd 4.5).. and a lipstick is about idr 31,000 (about usd 3.2) and automatic eye brow pencil is about idr 58,000 (about usd 6.0) but i was like, Can't i control my self more? o(╥﹏╥)o

Well, forget about it, here they are :

benefit rare beauty kit 
benefit sugarlicious 
benefit feelin dandy 
benefit how to look best at everything #light
benefit powderrazi
benefit bella bamba (actually it's from last month, but it didnt captured yet :p)
sigma sigmax duo (f82 & f84)
sigma E25 (it's a bonuuus ♥)
ecotools bamboo bronzer brush
nature republic 92% aloe vera (i doesnt bought it, it's a bonus from cosmopolitan indonesia, september edition)
too cool for school angle hand cream (it's came together with nature republic 92% aloe vera)
ud stash (a friend has bought # sin and i kept my # rehab in another place, so it's unpictured)
neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sun block spf 55
share rimmel foundation in jar 
sleek face contour kit # light
vial taylor swift wonderstruck
sariayu automatic eyebrow pencil # brown
sariayu lipstick alun serunai 02
sariayu trend warna 2011 exotic indonesia # petikan sitar (eye shadow palette)

after all, i feel so thankful that i'm able to get that without killing my wallet, many people are less lucky than me ..

while posting this, i'm making my self remember how wonderful is my life, how lucky i am, and for keeping my self in "no buy" side until november or more ..

thanks for reading (:


  1. Wow that's a huge haul! I can't wait to see your reviews especially the Benefit products! :D

  2. i will post about it as soon as possible -already took some pict *lol


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